Now RWD!

The way it should have been from the factory. is now FTY Racing

For over two decades, we’ve been building parts for our own Eagle Talon. Now it’s time to make custom parts available to others. We’ve become FTY Racing, please visit for more information!

An Eagle Talon Tsi, Converted to RWD

Take a look at the all new Eagle Talon RWD conversion. This is what the factory would have produced back in 1991 if Real Men ran that place. Seventeen years later, this RWD Eagle Talon sports everything you’d want in a drag car. Big Slicks. Big Turbo. Big Drivetrain. This Eagle Talon’s new form follows its function in every aspect.
The main part of this site is the story of how I turned an ordinary 1991 Eagle Talon Tsi AWD into an eight second, 150MPH, 1.3 second 60 foot pulling RWD drag racecar.