Monthly Archives: December 2005

Exhaust Manifold Flanges and Stainless Tubing

It’s been a while, huh? Well, we’ve been working on acquiring parts for the car. I had some stainless exhaust manifold flanges, but I just didn’t like them, so I called up Ty at RRE and had him ship me out a new flange that would work for me. The other flange had enormous holes in it at the head, and had we been using some 2″ tubing for the header, would be about perfect. But, we’re not using 2″ tubing for the header. I also got a great deal from Ty on a new Tial 44mm wastegate and 2 bar worth of spring to keep the GT42 happy :-) Oh, yeah, and Ty was a pimp, and also sent me a 3″ cast aluminum elbow, too. Thanks Ty!

Oh, not to be a whore or anything, but did I mention that Woad Wace Engineering is a great place to get stuff?

So yeah, we got that stuff, and then I ordered $350 worth of 1-3/4″ stainless steel tubing for the header. We settled on Hessler V4.0, Mark’s fourth header design that he came up with. We’re currently working on carefully cutting and slicing the tubing together for some hot header action. Then, we’ll weld it up, and take pictures. The header is turning out to be a large project, but it will be so cool when it’s done.

More updates later…