Monthly Archives: May 2006

More Aluminum for Tin Work – Chute Mount Done – New Oil Pan

another long time between updates. Lots of stuff going on in my life right now. Mark and I have done a little work on the car, but not a whole lot. We’ve both been doing things with family. While I am exceptionally anxious to get the car running, other things are more important than this.

There have been a lot of small updates on the car though:

I finally have more aluminum. I’ve been putting off more tin work on the car, but ordered some more 3003 from Factory Steel out here in Detroit. Through my lack of planning, there was some confusion about when I would be able to come pick it up, so it took about 6 weeks to get. I took two days off work specifically to pick it up, and drove halfway across the state not once, nor twice, but [b]three[/b] times in order to spend $190 on some aluminum sheet. Okay, it wasn’t completely my fault. The first time, they were closed (the close at 3pm on Friday’s, for anyone who might need to pick something up on a Friday at Factory Steel) – the second trip out there was the Wednesday after Easter, which happens to be the last day of Passover. I didn’t realize this until I was parked next to their building, wondering why they’d be closed. The last time though, they were open. I called first ;-p Yeah, so that was frustrating, but my own fault at the end of the day.

The parachute mount is done, and the anchor mount for the parachute is done, too. I don’t have any pictures, but they look decent :-) I also have the chute cable routed, and mostly installed. I just need to add some rivets here and there, and weld something onto the cage.

Oh yeah, the oilpan was decided, cut, welded, and it almost completed. I just need to weld a couple bungs to it. I like this one much better than the old one :-)

In addition to that, the Downpipe was modified to accept the dump from the 44mm wastegate, but I need to call up Woolf and have them send me just a small piece of 1-7/8″ SS tubing for a slip joint that we’re putting in there (mostly for my sake – I feel more comfortable with it there)

Wow, so yeah, other things have happened, too. We’re also working on the transmission tunnel. Mark cut more floorpan out of the car, so the floor will soon be sealed, with any luck ;-p I’m also working on other tin work on the car. It’s been hectic.

Never try to do too much. That’s my advice for the day :-) Eh, I’ve never been one to heed my own advice, and that’s gotten me into trouble in the past.