Monthly Archives: March 2007

GT4202 Turbo Mount and Electrical Wiring

Well, work has been slow lately, but it’s still coming along. Mark is going apeshit on his house, and I’ve had things going on over the weekends, but we’re still trying to get some stuff done.

Last time we both worked on the Talon, we started knocking out the turbo support. 42 pounds of GT42 needs to have a sufficient mount, or it will want to destroy the header. So, that’s coming along. We also finally finished up the oil pan – I added some baffling which should help with oil crawling up walls and generally going places I don’t want it to go. So, that stuff is getting worked out.

Last time I worked on the Talon myself, I finished up some more wiring. Someday, the wiring will be done ;-) I literally have one more wire to run in the engine harness, and then I’m going to sheath it up. I’ve already sheathed part of the harness in the engine bay, although there’s still a lot more to do. I also confirmed that the Haltech that I have does, in fact, work. I was worried that it might not. I purchased it off some guy who was putting it in a Supra, but his plans changed, and he no longer needed to use it. Anyway, it was pretty much all wired, but never used. Because things belong in different places on a Supra, I basically went through the whole thing and pulled the plugs off the original harness, and created my own. Anyway, the whole point to my story is that I’ve finally successfully connected my laptop to the Haltech, and I can see that sensors are working. Unfortunately, the engine RPM is still at 0 ;-o

Anyway, I just want to finish up this post by mentioning a visit by a guy named Dexter. He stopped by one night to pick up an engine block from me. I opened up the garage door, and he and his friend proceeded to oogle over the Talon for about half an hour. He said something about the website not conveying the complexity and the sheer awesomeness of the car… or maybe I’m just mis-remembering that? ;-) Anyway, he seemed to really like the car, but the website needs work right? Fair enough I guess. Anyway, I’ll work on the website. In the meantime, you guys should check out the Forums where you can create new topics and discuss stuff. The more you guys post, the more questions I can answer about the car :-)