2007 DSM Shootout Coverage of My Car

A picture of the Talon's engine bay, courtesy of modified.com

A pic of the Talon from Modified.com

Modified.com magazine page featuring my car!

The layout showing a few shots of the RWD!

This past Friday, I get a random email from a really old Michigan club DSMer, Jason Brendel. He proceeds to tell me about seeing my car in Turbo Magazine! Hey, that’s cool – I had no idea! We also caugh up for a bit, so that was cool :-)

After that, I started poking around to see if anyone else had pictures of my car. I checked out the usual suspects – modified.com had posted two pictures of the Talon in their DSM shootout 2007 coverage, both pictures of the car that I really like. Oh, and this is random, but a few months ago I found some pictures from Erica Marshall of Muddyboots Photography, and I really like the engine bay shot that she took, and think I should get an 11×17 of that to post in my office.

Oh, yeah, these aren’t from Turbo mag like I was originally thinking about posting :-o Click on the image to the right to see the fullsize version of it. Turbo mag said some very nice things about the car while they were around. Once the Talon is making passes, who know, maybe they’ll feature it :-)