Talon Brakes – Wilwood Dynalite Front and Rear Brake Kits

The Talon’s Braking System

The Talon has Wilwood’s dynalite brake calipers on each corners. Up front, the Talon is equipped with Wilwood’s Dynalite front drag brake kit. You can see spec on the kit on Wilwood’s site. The front brake kit consisted of a new billet aluminum hub made by Wilwood, along with an aluminum hat and solid steel rotors. The calipers are Wilwood’s dynalight four piston calipers. They’re drop forged, and then powder coated black. They look good :-)

In the back, we’re using a Wilwood Dynalite rear drag brake kit for a Ford differential. Yep, the rear end of the car, even though it’s a Chevy, has Ford bearings in it, so it’s got Ford bearing housings on the end. Because of that, it has to use brakes for a Ford, or we’d have to fabricate our own mounts. These also have Wilwood’s dynalite calipers bolted to them. This way, the braking forces on any one corner of the Talon are the same. But what if we don’t want that? No problem, we just dial down braking forces with a Summit Racing proportioning valve.

In addition to these parts, and a Summit Racing line lock, a Wilwood master cylinder along with a Wilwood brake pedal top off the braking system’s needs. Everything is plumbed using AN lines and hardware for a nice, reusable fit and finish.