2005 DSM Shootout

Well, we went to the shootout, and came back from the shootout. Lots of interesting stuff there. Mark and I have a tendency to check out stuff there, and like to take a lot of pictures of race car type stuff. There aren’t a whole lot of full race cars at the shootout, but the cars that are there are pretty neat. Some noteable things:

-Russ Coxe’s Automatic 2G. He doesn’t leave the line on the convertor, and he’s still having issues with spinning tires all over the first 60′

-That crazy Canadian summit with the fiberglass front clip – That car is very nicely done guys, even if I can’t remember your names :-)

-John Shepherd – busted out a wicked mid 8 second pass. Just plain neat :-) Ron Shearer mentioned how amazing it was that everyone just started clapping and cheering when Shep pulled up to the line. It was extremely entertaining to see him run.

-Dean Bradley, a fellow Michigan DSMer, was running low 10’s in his street driven AWD automatic DSM. Fortified and tuned with bits from Kevin, Deans car is just really fun to watch. Dean typically drives the car to the track, but somehow Kevin talked Dean into trailering his Talon down to Norwalk :-) Dean came in second in the Q16. He’s still using a small turbo, too :-o