Front Suspension and Tin work

Site News: Okay, so the site has been updated quite heavily, and I basically added wiki-type content management. This way Mark and I can both update the site whenever we need to, and can easily make changes. I still have to whip up some stuff for photo management and the like, but for now, this works pretty well.

Car News: As I said before, there are a LOT of updates with the car. Over the past few months, Mark and I have been working on getting the front suspension squared away. Stuff that isn’t part of the build yet includes: Tin work, front suspension work, turbocharger stuff.

Tin Work: The tin work on the car is almost complete. There are a few breackets to make here and there, and the tranny tunnel, but the rest of the large pieces are mostly finished. I think I’m going to change two of them, I just don’t like how they look on the car. So, some small changes will happen on those two panels, and then I’ll make the last two small pieces in the back of the car. After that, we’ll work on the under-car tin work to cover up the fuel cell cage, and then work on the transmission tunnel.

Front Suspension: Okay, this is a giant clusterfuck, but we’re looking good with the suspension now. Round 1 of the front suspension involved way too much of the stock setup – we swapped front hub left-to-right, and thought we’d be able to use spacers and stuff, and try to tune out the toe-change through the suspension travel. Unfortunately, that was a big mistake. Thankfully, we were somewhat prepared for that, so we came up with another idea. Round 2 used the stock front hubs, but we welded a new steering arm to the front hubs. This probably would have worked, but we decided to scrap it because we just wanted to revamp the front suspension. The new setup is great. We’re using 1-5/8″ chromoly tubing for the subframe with some 1″ chromoly tubing for the control arms. It’s coming along nicely.