Fuel System

The fuel system on the Talon consists of a custom 3.2 Gallon Aluminum fuel cell custom mounted into a fuel cell cage as required by the NHRA. This cell was built by Mark and I, and includes a sump area, and a quick fill cap, along with AN fittings to keep installation clean. Plus, it looks good ;-)

The Fuel tank connects through -8AN feed lines to an Aeromotive A1000 fuel pump, which is solidly mounted to the fuel cell cage. This setup should allow us to feed 850 horsepower worth of fuel through the aluminum hard lines up to the FIC 1600CC injectors in a stock Mitsubishi fuel rail. After the rail, an SX fuel pressure regulator keeps the fuel pressure to a desired pressure level. The system is then completed through -6AN hard line back to the fuel tank. Nice, and easy :-)