Kevin’s bodywork

Back in 2004, Kevin had done a lot of body work to get the front fenders to look a little bit better with the new big slicks that he had put on the front of his car. The stock DSM tires are like 205/55-R16’s, These new tires are like 26″ tall, and 9 or 10″ wide. After getting the axles installed and tested, it was time to finish up the bumper so that Kevin could make some full passes with the car.

So, one weekend (before a race) Mark and I went out to give Kevin a hand with making a new front bumper. It was a good experience for all of us, because none of us had used large amounts of fiberglass in that type of application before. Kevin bought the materials, some fiberglass mat, and fiberglass fabric, along with a bunch of resin, and we got to work. We built a wire frame to lay some fiberglass mesh on, and then layed up a layer of fiberglass fabric. It was really messy work, but it was also a good time :-)

After that, we filled with fiberglass mat, and called it a night. It was late, and exceptionally hot outside. The next day or two, Kevin finished up the mat, and then covered it up with another layer of fiberglass fabric. Then, it was time for some Bondo.

Kevin Bondo’d the bumper, and used it for the rest of 2005. Maybe 2006 will bring a new front clip for the car?