Moving the Talon to a New Shop

We’ve been working on cleaning out the shop lately. My friend Rick Garnaat has been a patient man – my car has been at his house, under construction for over a year. Because I had to move, and am getting sick of driving 100 miles a day in a diesel truck, I’ve decided to move closer to work. So, on 08/02/05 I signed a lease for a decent size shop out here in Howell, MI to work on the Talon. It was a wood shop – dusty, wood-y, filled with sawdust, with broken plumbing and stuff, so Mark and I have been working on cleaning it up. We officially have car stuff in there now, with Jay’s motor coming to rest in the garage :-p So, now all we have to do is get the Talon off Jack stands, and get it out to the new shop. Then, we can really get to work. The new shop space is about twice as large as the space the Talon currently sits it, and it will only be for the Talon, and my tools, so it should really be nice :-) I’m going to have to re-level the tubing bender, though :-o

In other news, I wanted to answer some questions people have been asking search engines to find this site [doc:Search-Engine-Referrals]Search Engine Referrals[/doc]