Rear End Specifications

The rear end in the Talon is something that I took a lot of time working out. And it wasn’t that aquiring it didn’t go smoothly… The challenge was finding someone that I would be comfortable having build the rear differential.

Through a machine shop that I worked with, I found a place in Lansing, Michigan called K&L Driveline. Bob, the owner and Jeff, one of Bob’s main employees did a great job putting together the rear differential. Talking with them, I could tell they were knowledgable. It was really weird in a way – absolutely anything I wanted, they said was no problem. But, they went above and beyond that, and made sure that the rear end that they built would hold up to what I was going to throw at it. What was it going in? How much torque would it make? How were you launching? Was I using a trans brake? Ladder bar or four link? What kind of brakes do you want? I mean, everything and anything I wanted. And they delivered.

I ended up with a Chevy 10 bolt, 42″ hub to hub, with 4.56 gears, a Moser racing spool, Moser racing 33 spline axles and Moser racing rear cover/girdle. They put the four link bracketry right where I wanted it, the shock mounts perfectly on the axle, and Ford big bearings (This was Bob’s suggestion)- on top of all that, they also had no problems centering the driveshaft on the axle. Sweet :-) This thing was exactly what I wanted. While talking to them, they said that I’d start twisting axles around 850 ft/lbs of torque. I think I’ll be okay.

I’ve been asked – why not have a Ford 9″ rear end? Well, Bob thought that the Chevy 10 bolt was smaller, lighter, and would hold the power that I’ll be putting to it. I’m okay with that :-) If I start having problems, it will be time for new axles anyway…