The New Shop

Wow. I spent the day yesterday moving out of my Apartment, to a new town, and to a new shop. After getting the last of my stuff out of my old apartment, I went over to the shop to clean up a bunch of things, and to move a bunch of stuff over to the new shop. My brother Jake chipped in with his truck, and we moved a lot of the large stuff. I’m happy to say the half the Talon, the turbocharger, is over at the new shop ;-p – along with a bunch of my tools. There will be another load of tools, I’m sure, and a lot of cleanup at both the old shop and the new shop. The old shop needs a good going through, to make sure I’m not leaving anything behind. Then, the new shop needs to ge ORGANIZED. It’s *amazing* to me that the new shop, over twice the size, with *only* my tools and equipment, has less space in it than the old shop. Okay, so I’m taking up some space with the trailer, but still, the new shop seems cozier right now.