Turbo Garrett GT42

We chose to use a GT42 on the Talon for a few reasons. The most important, of course, was that the GT42 would flow enough air to make the horsepower that we’re looking to make with it.

The GT42 is a small T6 series turbocharger. That’s not to say that it’s small – it’s not – it’s more to infer that this turbo, while exceptionally large, is small in the realm of T6 frame turbos. There aren’t very many other T6 turbos produced by Garrett, aside from the GT45, and the GT60. The GT45 isn’t even listed in their catalog, and I can’t find a part number, but it’s too large for our application anyway. And the GT60? Yeah, that’s a 1600hp turbo, so the thing wouldn’t ever spool on the Talon.

So, we chose a GT42. Why? Well, they’re reasonably priced, easily replaceable, and have been used by lots of fast DSM’ers. If we feel it’s necessary, we can also trade from this standard bearing turbo to the GT42R, a ball bearing version of the standard GT42. It won’t cost anything more than the price of the cartridge. Other reaons for this turbo include not having to deal with 40+ year old technology (all the T4 stuff was designed in the 60’s) and also being able to have something sufficiently large enough to be able to run 30 pounds of boost with good spool characteristics.