Wheels And Slicks

Weld Racing wheels are on all four corners of the Talon. We’re using Weld Racing ProStar wheels, 12×15 inch in the back, and 4×15 inch up front. They’re bolted to the hubs using Weld lug nuts, which unfortunately tend to have really bad build quality. They have immense amounts of thread engagement though :-) These wheels are in a 5×4.5″ bolt pattern, which is identical to just about every Chevy ever made.

Mickey Thompson Slicks

The slicks on the back of the Talon are Mickey Thompon ET Drag slicks. They measure 29.5″ by 10.5″W on a 15″ wheel. These tires are W class tires, which may make it a little challenging to compete in 10.5″ tire classes (most of them around here do not allow racers to use W series tires) – the actual dimensions of the tires are a little larger. I think the trad width on the tire is actually rated at 11.2″, and the diameter of the tire is 29.6″, so they’re relatively close.

Moroso DS/2 Front Tires

The Talon is equipped with 26″ tall, 4.5″ wide Moroso DS/2 front tires. These tires are designed for racing, and have an exceptionally airplane look to them. This is unfortunate, but they still look good on the car :-) I’m happy with them.