Work Weekend In the New Shop

09/13/05 – I thought last weekend was hectic, but I was wrong. This past weekend, Mark and I worked a lot on the front subframe, control arms, and tin work in the back of the car. Mark normalized the 4130 subframe, and control arms with a little help from me. I did the tin work with a little help from Mark. Productive, but still a bit of work to do. It’s been slow, in the new shop, because we’re not used to it yet. Every other sentence is “do you know where this is?” because neither of us knows where [u]anything[/u] is ;-) We’re actually finding things, it’s just taking us some time to do it.

The rear bumper has been chopped up a little bit. Thankfully, it’s stock from the outside, but the underside needs some modifications to get the tin work inside of it. The work is slow, still, but it’s moving. We’re focusing a lot on the underside of the car to get some things we think we’ll have issues with squared away. a lot of the work we’re doing it airflow type stuff. We’re not going overboard with airfloils or anything, but we don’t want the bumper flying off the car at 150 mph either ;-) This car is going to be *loud*.