Because it’s impossible to express the thought, emotion, obsessiveness, engineering and time spent on almost every component of the car, a quick way for you to get an idea about it is from it’s specifications.

Displacement 2.3 Liters (140 Cubic Inches)
Valvetrain Kiggly Racing Street series Beehive Springs
Kelford 280/276 camshafts
AEM Adjustable Cam Gears
Bore & Stroke Bore: 85.5mm (3.366 in)
Stroke: 100mm (3.937 in)
Pistons Wiseco custom e85 compression pistons. 10.5:1 Compression Ratio
Connecting Rods Manley Turbo Tuff connecting rods
Engine Block Original, Mitsubishi Cast Iron 4g63 with partially filled coolant passages
Cylinder Head Original, DOHC Mitsubishi 4g63 16V Aluminum Head
A1 H-11 Head
Horsepower 425whp@21psi of boost
526whp@32psi of boost
634whp@42psi of boost
Torque 550 ft/lbs*
Redline RPM 9000 RPM
Oil Type Valvoline VR1 20W50 Racing Oil
Oil Capacity 5.5 US Quarts (5.20 Liters)
Type Garrett GT42 (4202), utilizing a T6 flange
1.14 A/R exhaust housing
Custom 4″ exhaust outlet
Custom machined turbine housing, with v-band mount for Tial 44mm wastegate
Turbocharger Oiling -4AN braided stainless feed line
Forced Performance Turbo oil feed filter
-10AN braided stainless return line
Hot Side
Exhaust Manifold Custom 304L stainless steel tuned turbo exhaust manifold, featuring:
Equal length runners
T6 turbo flange
Stainless flanges
Stainless bungs for EGT probe access
Stainless saddle mount for turbocharger support
Exhaust Custom 4″ 304L stainless steel side-exit exhaust with v-band coupling, wideband o2 sensor, and integrated wastegate dump-tube with expansion flange.
Wastegate Natural finish 44mm v-band mounted Tial wastegate, with 21psi spring pressure.
MAC brand air solenoid valve, for PWM-modulated boost control beyond 21psi.
Cold Side
Intake Manifold Custom 6061 T6 Aluminum intake manifold, featuring:
Equal length tapered and tuned runners
AN vacuum fittings
Lokar throttle cable
Accufab 75mm Mustang Throttle body
Dual injector bungs
Intercooler Pipes Custom 3″ 304L stainless steel intercooler piping, featuring:
Pie-cut slicing to acheive less than 1D bends
Heavy-duty Samco Sport silicon couplings
T-bolt clamps
Stainless v-band flange for Tial blow-off valve
Blow-off Valve Natural finish 50mm Tial blow-off valve, with -22 in/Hg spring and AN vacuum fittings.
Intercooler Custom air-to-water intercooler, featuring:
3″ thick Bell Intercooler core
2 gallon water reservoir
15lb ice capacity
Pumpless design for maximim simplicity
3″ inlet/outlet
1/8″ 6061 T6 endtanks
10AN custom quick-drain ball cock valve to melted ice after pass
Type 1 Gallon reverse flow cooling, featuring:
CSR Performance universal electric water pump
Aeroquip -12AN braided stainless steel plumbing
Fluidyne horizontally mounted Sirrocco-style radiator
single Spal fan
Spal PWM fan controller
Custom Aluminum filler neck
Custom Aluminum overflow tank
Type General Motors Powerglide two-speed transmission, featuring:
Vasco Superset planetary gear set
Dedenbear Superglide case, SFI 30.1 with SFI 4.1 Titanium Liner
Dedenbear tailhousing
Dedenbear deep transmission pan
Manual valve body
B&M Pro-Stick Two-speed shifter
Gear Ratios Low: 1.89
High: 1.00
Type General Motors Chevy 10-bolt rear differential, featuring:
42.5″ overall width
Ford “Big Bearing” axle housing ends
Moser Engineering 33 spline axles
Moser Engineering steel spool
Moser Engineering main cap studs
Moser Engineering cast aluminum cover
4.56 gears
Type Custom 3″ diameter aluminum driveshaft, featuring
Spicer Heavy Duty U-joints
Mark Williams Dedenbear/Powerglide 4340 driveshaft yoke
Fuel System
Fuel Economy 1.25 gallons per 1/2 mile
Fuel Capacity 3.2 Gallon custom Aluminum fuel cell
Fuel System -8AN Custom Aluminum hard lines
-8AN Braided stainless steel lines between solidly mounted parts
-6AN Custom Aluminum hard return lines
-6AN Braided stainless steel lines between solidily mounted parts
-8AN tip-over valve
Recommended Fuel GEM45. e85 drop in replacement fuel.
Injectors Eight 160lb Lucas style low impedance fuel injectors
Custom -12AN fuel rail
Fuel Pump Magnafuel fuel pressure regulator
Custom Eagletalon.net 1300LPH electric fuel pump
12/24V dual voltage fuel system
Electrical System
Ignition Type Dynatek ARC2 Digital Ignition Box
EVO/Montero Coil over plug ignition coils
NGK BPR9ES spark plugs
Engine Management Haltech Sport 1000 Engine Control Unit
AEM 5-bar MAP Sensor
AEM 150PSIG sensors for oil & fuel pressure
Wiring Harness Custom wiring harness, complete with 20 fuse panel, 100 Amp main relay and 7-switch driver panel. Wiring harness features extensive use of Packard 150 and 280 series Metripak connectors for quick connections and reasonable reconfiguration of electrical circuits.
Other Jay Racing Alternator Relocation Kit
Body Type Spot-weld reinforced unibody construction
Front Suspension Custom front bolt-in subframe and suspension featuring:
4130 1-5/8″ chromoly construction
Koni brand MacPherson-type struts
4130 1-1/4″ chromoly control arms
Ground Control adjustable coil-overs
QA1 200lb springs
QA1 chromoly rod ends
QA1 high-misalignment chromoly rods ends
RRE Adjustable camber plates
Rear Suspension Competition Engineering 4-link frame kit, featuring:
2″ x 3″ crossmembers
24″ framerail width
Competition Engineering coil-over shocks
Chromoly 4-link bars
Chromoly diagonal link
QA1 Chromoly rod ends
150lb springs
Steering Type Ford Pinto-style manual rack and pinion steering
Custom Billet Aluminum hubs with custom Aluminum steering arms
Grant steering wheel, with Moroso quick-release
Braking Wilwood Dynalite Drag Race front brakes
Wilwood Dynalite Drag Race rear brakes
Dynalite calipers
Polymatrix brake pads
Custom 3/16″ brake lines, using AN fittings
Line lock on front brakes
Wheels and Tires
Type Billet Specialties Street-lite front wheels, 15″ x 4″
Billet Specialties Street-lite double beadlock rear wheels, 15″ x 12″
5 x 5.75″ bolt pattern
Moroso Drag Special Front Tires, 5.5″ x 15″ x 25.2″
Mickey Thompson ET Drag Slicks, 29.5″ x 15″ x 10.5″ W
Mickey Thompson tire tubes
Distribution 60/40
Curb Weight 2250 Lbs
Note: Figures with asterisks (*) next to them are estimates and/or goals for the car.