Without support, tolerance, and understanding from the people in my life, I would not have even started this endeavor. Even though it’s still a work in progress, I consider it finished enough to feel like I need to thank all the people in my life who’ve helped me along the way. I apologize if I’ve overlooked anyone and your name doesn’t show up on my list – it doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate what you’ve done for me. Here’s the list, in no particular order:

Gail Glassbrook

Yep, even racers appreciate their mothers from time to time. Mom has always told me that I could do anything, and aside from knowing I’m her son and that’s what Mothers are supposed to say to their sons, I think that she actually means it in ways that other mothers don’t. I don’t think she’d say that my brother could build a car ( and I’m saying that because I know he can’t), but I’m sure she’d have no problem saying that I’m capable of such madness.
Mom’s support has always been much appreciated – she has always encouraged me through this whole project, even if her husband may have thought it was a seriously ambitious project ;-)

John Glassbrook

My dad has helped out with a lot of random things on the car. It’s usually something small and last second, but somehow he manages to help me out. Dad helped a lot with the front suspension of the car, and I was able to fabricate some parts in his shop – without using the mill, the lathe and acorn bench, the front suspension would have been less-than square. And square is important :-)

Rick Garnaat

Rick has been a huge help, with everything on the car. When I started the project, I actually didn’t even have a place to *start* working on the car. Rick was kind enough to offer up his own garage to help get things rolling. For an entire year, my car was built in his garage. And, for that whole year, I also came over many times a week, interrupted Rick and Diane’s lives, and was probably a general nuisance. Not only that, but Rick has also helped out on the widest variety of things – chassis work, engine work, tin work, plumbing, fire supression, body work, alignment work. Rick has helped out with everything on the car. In the past few years, Rick has also made trips out to my house to help get things done on the car. I owe Rick a huge Thank You for all the things he’s done for me and for the car. I also have to thank his wife Diane for dealing with me all those years – I’m sure she would have rather had a nice peaceful weekends, but instead heard the sounds of the air compressor constantly, grinding, and me interrupting their lives in general. Thanks guys :-)
I also want to thank Rick for being a tremendous help at the track. He’s a great crewmember, and I’m so glad he’s not only anxious, but also willing to help me out. Thank you Rick.

Mark Hessler

Mark is a large part of the reason I started this project. Without his prodding (or the fact that he was sick of hearing me complain about the factory transmission) and scribbling on napkins during random dinners in Brighton (actual scribbling, not proverbial scribbling,) I don’t know that I would have started building what has been built. In addition, Mark has spent thousands of hours in the shop with me. Thousands. Listening to horrible Lansing radio stations, crawling around on the floor under the car, and chopping up my car with me. Without his uncanny ability to calculate and convert numbers from one system of measurement to another, I think that I would have gone through many a calculator.
Mark has helped me with most of the large chassis design and construction – this part of the car was our project. Mark and I cut the back of the car out, installed the rear frame, created the cage, designed and built the front suspension (both revisions), hand-formed the endtanks for the Intercooler, designed the intake manifold, helped get the engine in the right spot in the car, and also challenged my design ideas – is that good or bad? :-p
Anyway, without Mark’s shared ambition of Building Something Crazy, the car would be a much different vehicle.

Christyn Glassbrook

I don’t think my wife knew that I was obsessed with this project when I met her. Even still, she was always understanding that I had this project, and has always been willing to help me out in any way that she can. In fact, before we found our house, she paid for our apartment, so I could pay for 1000 square feet of shop space :-)
If you can imagine getting married to someone who’s in the middle of a multi-year all-consuming project, please contact me so that you and my wife can share your experiences with one-another ;-) She’s been tolerant and missed out on dates, dinner out with friends, and other general life events because of this project, and I need to thank her for that.
In addition to that, she’s also been the one who’s gotten daily things done that would consume my time even further, like chores, banking and stuff like that. She also doesn’t explode when I tell her that I need to drop $1000 on something for the car. :-)
And thank you for actually buying me car parts for my birthday and Christams – most guys don’t get nearly this lucky.

Jay Danhof

I also have to thank my good friend, Jay. Jay helped out a lot back when the car was in Rick’s shop, but throughout the years, he’s finished up school and moved out of state. Jay was always interested in the project, and always lent a hand. He also *always* made food runs, and probably spent more money on food for everyone than I did. Jay – thanks for helping out :-)

John Chamberlain

I may not even be drag racing today if it weren’t for my step father, John. The old man has always raced Buick’s, which are fast for the bricks that they are :) In the spirit of one-upsmanship, I thought it was time to put a stop to the poking about me having a little four cylinder. Thanks for inspiring me, giving me ideas about how Old Iron works. I’ve also spent countless hours in his shop, usually fixing my broken cars, but some of that old muscle car rubbed off on me throughout the years.


Pops and Mike

I want to personally thank both Pops and Mike from VT Competition – they will probably never see this, but I will be so thankful if I’m half as cool as these guys are when I’m old ;-) These guys know too much about engines, and have always been kind, offered advice. You both rock.


I’ve also had some help from businesses. Whether they gave advice or a deal on parts, here are a few shops that have been both intrigued and willing to lend a hand when necessary:

Kinsler Fuel Injection – Troy, MI

Kinsler has taken my chicken scratch and turned it into a big, bad ass fuel rail. Thanks!

VT Competition Engine Development – Lansing, MI

They don’t exist as they did back in 2003, but between Pops, Mike and Tom, VT helped me out a lot. Between deals on parts and Dyno service, these guys not only saved my ass once or twice, but they also did it all while having a great relationship with them. Thanks guys.

K&L Driveline – Lansing, MI

I feel like I’m dating my car, because these guys aren’t around last I heard anymore, either. Bob and Jeff over at K&L Driveline not only made a great rear end for the car, but worked with me and were willing to make *whatever* combination that I wanted. They also did a great job in that it only took them just over a month to deliver a completed competition rear end for the car for a great price, and did it without me even having a core to give them. These guys were easy to work with, and had great advice for me. They also made the driveshaft for the car, and were easy to work with on that, too. Thanks guys!

Ty at Road Race Engineering – California

I pestered Ty a lot for DSM parts when I needed them. El Capitan was great to work with, and always has things in stock at reasonable prices. Many of the suspsension components on the car that aren’t custom are from RRE. Thanks Ty!

Dave Buschur at Buschur Racing – Wakeman, OH

Dave made me a good deal on a great transmission and converter for the car. And, in addition to that, was an inspiration for this Talon, because I saw his RWD ladder bar car back at one of the first shootouts Rick and I went to. It was brand new at the time – still in primer black, with IDRC stickers on the car. That car went on to a few different owners, but was still a huge inspiration to my impressionable young mind ;-)
Dave is also one of the largest aftermarket suppliers for DSM owners. He’s also innovated new parts for these cars for a long time. Without him, our community would be a lot slower than it is today.