Don’t buy a BBK Throttle Body!

A BBK Throttle body that broke - BBK wont sell parts or service it for me!

A BBK Throttle body that broke - BBK won't sell parts or service it for me!

Okay, It’s not very often that I actually actively tell people not to buy a product – but I’m telling you right now not to buy a BBK throttle body for your DSM. Or Mustang, for that matter. Maybe you’d want to reconsider any throttle body from BBK, at all. Why?

This email exchange pretty much sums it up:

Hi – I have a 75mm Ford throttle body (part number 1701) from you guys, and broke the throttle shaft at the drag strip over the weekend. Can I buy a replacement shaft directly from you or do I have to send it in to have it serviced in order to get it replaced? I’m asking mainly because I like to have backups of things that tend to break, and this it one of those
items – I would like to be able to replace it at the track should this
happen again (I’m not blaming your product – I didn’t make sure my pedal stops were properly adjusted after removing/replacing the throttle body
over the winter) – Breaking the shaft at the race cost me the price of the
throttle body alone :- Ugh.
In addition to the broken shaft, I am pretty sure a few other pieces are missing. The cam mechanism (where the throttle cable attaches) broke off the shaft and fell off the throttle body, so whatever lies between the cam plate and the main body is probably missing. What can you guys sell me to get this thing fixed?

The long story short is that I hadn’t readjusted my throttle stop after removing/replacing the throttle body – I am full taking the blame for the fact that my throttle body broke – it was my fault that I didn’t make sure things were properly adjusted. Anyway, I awaited a reply from BBK and figured that a worst-case scenario would mean that I would have to send my throttle body in for repair. I was blown away at the response I got from BBK:

Unfortunately our insurance prohibits us from selling service parts
for throttle bodies and we are not set ip[sic] to do repairs.

The best we can do is get a new throttle body out to you at our cost plus shipping.
The throttle bodies are not prone to breakage other than situations like yours where a proper throttle stop is not set up on a custom application.

Yeah, let me outline that: insurance prohibits us from selling service parts
for throttle bodies and we are not set ip[sic] to do repairs.

So, not only will the not sell parts due to insurance reasons, they are also unable to repair my throttle body. Now, I basically have a $200 paper weight, and the “best” they can do is sell me one at cost?

I don’t use other people’s quotes much, but: “Fool me once? shame on you. Fool me twice? shame on me.” Why would I even consider buying another BBK throttle body knowing BBK will not be able to do anything in regards to repairing it if I end up in the unfortunate situation of having to have it replaced again? two words: Fuck that. Oh, and the “cost” on a new BBK?

Summit Racing: $209.99

And after prying a price from BBK (I had to ask them in two more subsequent emails what the freaking price was – they *would not* tell me:

It would be $180.00 shipped.

Thanks BBK. I’ve learned my lesson. Nobody discusses this anywhere, but BBK won’t be able to fix your throttle body if you happen to break one. I hope this post allows other people to not end up where I did.