Flaring Tool Madness

Lots of new stuff done to the car lately, but I haven’t had the time to update the site, apparently. I’ll get some horrible camera phone pictures online here shortly. I have been working profusely on plumbing the car, with some disastrous failures. The two different tools I purchased from Summit Racing (a 45 degree double-flare tools, and a 37 degree AN flare tool) were the two biggest pieces of shit I’ve ever purchased. So, if you happen to get the opportunity to buy them from Summit Racing, don’t bother.

So, I dug and dug, and found a real 37 degree flare tool made by Ridgid (It’s model 377 for anyone that needs to buy one for themselves) – This tool does a wonderful job of flaring and burnishing both Aluminum and Mild Steel tubing. It ags behind a bit on flaring stainless tubing, although it allegedly does so (It didn’t do a very good job, and I’ll be trusting my life to these brake lines, so I’m not using the Stainless brake line that I was going to use because I can’t find anything reasonable that will flare it.

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