New Dashboard and Gauges

Well, I’ve already written this up for a few friends, a few times, so I should post it here too. I’ve been working at nights on stuff for the Talon, and last night managed to get the new dashboard all welded up. I made up the front plate a few days ago, and have managed to cram 7 gauges in an amazingly tiny space. Thursday I decided on an AEM UEGO gauge-type wideband, and ordered it up from Summit Racing. Then, I got to work on the new dashboard.

The old dashboard for the Talon was just a piece of .120″ 6061 aluminum that I bolted to stock locations on the stock dash bar. And actually, it worked great. I had four 2-1/16″ gauges, along with two 3-3/8″ gauge holes – one for the tachometer, and one for a speedometer that never made it into the car. I never ended up getting a speedometer. Now though? Hell, now I know if I’m at 9000RPM in second gear, I’m doing better than 185mph :-o that’s what a powerglide, 4.56’s and 29.5″ tall tires with growth will do for you. Anyway, last night I welded it up, and am happy with the results. I’m going to end up sanding on the weld beads to make it one continuously smooth surface, and then I’m going to paint it up so that I don’t get some shiny sunshine right in the face when the car finally sees the light of day and I’m trying to check my gauges. It should look good when I’m done with it :-)