Parts Cost

If you have to ask, you probably shouldn’t attempt to afford it :-)

First, let me say that there are a lot of variables when building the car that you just can’t assign a cost to. Whether it’s a material you already have, or an extra hour or three that you work, you just can’t calculate some of the expense involved with this stuff. I’d also like to note that I have not kept a strict price list on this stuff. Yes, I did that for a reason – if you keep too much track of it, your head will hurt. The objective is not to account the hell out of the project, it’s to enjoy your hobby.

Buschur Racing RWD motor plate and flywheel kit
The Buschur Racing Motor plate and flywheel were purchased second hand from a NABR member. I think the original cost was ~$850. I think I purchased it for $525

Competition Engineering Four Link Kit
I purchased this kit through a local race shop that gave me deals on things, so I got it at cost. The frame rails are 24″ outside-to-outside, and I ordered the 150 pound coil-over option with the kit. $1,250.00

Chevy 10 Bolt rear differential
This was purchased through a local company, K&L Driveline in Lansing, Michigan. Bob and Jeff worked their magic for 6 weeks, after which, I had a rear end that just bolted into the car. Thanks guys :-) $1,650.00


Weld Racing wheels for the front and back of the car. The wheels were actually purchased through Summit Racing, because my “cost” price was actually more expensive. Weird, huh?

The rear tires are 29.5×10.5W Mickey Thompson Slicks. The fronts are Moroso DS2’s, 26″ tall, to fill the wheel wells. The fronts were ~$135 a piece, the rears were right around $200 a piece. I also purchased tubes for the tires. I think they were around $65 a piece.

Chromoly Tubing
All chromoly on the project was purchased through Chassis Shop here in Mears, Michigan. Another company here in Michigan with car parts – imagine that ;-) Purchasing this stuff made me take a trip up to Silver Lake (right down the road from Mears) to check out the sand dunes on the beaches of Lake Michigan. It was beautiful. I made a few orders with them, too, and had some other materials delivered as well


Roll Cage
The roll cage is made of 4130 Chromoly tubing, purchased at The Chassis Shop because it’s a business local to me, sort of. I spent ~$450 on the tubing for the cage itself. Maybe a little more, maybe a little less.

Summit Racing
Since February of 2005, I’ve spent $1892.64 with Summit Racing :-o That’s a huge surprise to me. Which really just goes to show you why you *don’t* want to add this stuff up sometimes.

Haltech E6S
This was purchased as part of where the car was going, but it’s really part of the list of things that’re going on the car currently. I got a deal on this item, too. I paid $650 for it.

Garrett GT42 Turbocharger
This turbo was a bit of a nightmare to obtain. Originally, I was going to purchase the turbo in late 2004, but one thing led to another, and before I knew it, it was already summer of 2005 before we got to a point where we’d need the turbo. So, I called up a supplier I was going to use, and found out that the price on the turbo jumped from $750, up to $1350. Holy shit. So, I looked around, and asked Ron Shearer when Jay, Mark and I went out to Dave’s shop to drop Jay’s car off. Shearer knew a guy in the area that had a GT42 for a project Corvette, but wasn’t going to finish it. He gave me the guy’s email address, and I emailed him. Brian (the guy I’m talking about) replied, but had unfortunately put the turbo up on eBay. So, I bid on it :-) Thankfully, I received the turbo for ~$850, which was a much better price than the $1350 price tag that the turbos now carry.


The Intercooler is a Bell Intercooler brand core, that Mark built tanks for, and I welded up. I’m damn proud of that liquid IC, because it’s something nobody has ever done on a DSM. Liquid core, no pumps. Fuck yes! I think it was $360 for the core, but I don’t have a clue off the top of my head.

We’re using an aftermarket Fluidyne brand Aluminum Sirrocco radiator, purchased from Summit, for $199.

The tranmission for the Talon is a GM Powerglide transmission that’s been heavily massaged. It’s got a Deadenbear case, tailshaft, and pan. All of these items together are ~$1500 new. The tranny sports a Vasco custom gearset, with uh, 1.84 first gear (? might be wrong on that) and a 1.0 second gear planetary. In addition, it’s also got a pro trans brake on it, so that’s just cool :-)

Other items yet to be priced:

Summit orders prior to 2005
engine parts
other raw materials
machine work
custom front suspension